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Behind The Scenes Of A Five-Star Skilled Nursing Facility

What makes for a successful Nursing Home ... a beautiful building ... a large office ... highly educated people in Administration? "Behind The Scenes Of A Five-Star Skilled Nursing Facility" will show you what it takes to be a Five-Star Nursing Home. This book is all about care giving first and then about how to help buildings become and remain Five-Star facilities. It will take stretching and a willingness to step out of a comfort zone to make the necessary changes to become and remain a Five-Star building, but you can do it and in so doing, the residents will automatically get much above average care. 

I believe that knowledge is power ... If you have the knowledge you have the power to change. What Golden Living in Tarboro, North Carolina does every day is in this book. Read ... Learn ... Implement ... And enjoy the fruits of your labor.

For information about my lectures and consulting in the area of becoming and staying a Five-Star building, you can contact me through this website.

Book price: $9.95 (PLUS S&H)